Monday, February 28, 2011

De Blob

De Blob was originally for the Nintendo Wii and released in 2008.  This month it got a sequel for multiple consoles.  De Blob is about a city that has been taken over the monochromatic INKT Corporation and they have forbidden all color, music, and happiness.  It is the player’s job to bring color and joy back to the world by splattering colorful paint all over the buildings and citizens.   The music in the game responds to the color of paint currently absorbed and gets a funky mix for each color.
Gameplay is based on the player absorbing different colors of paint then rolling and bouncing around the city spreading it around.  As the player paints the different buildings the city becomes happier and citizens are released into the streets to be colored.  For all the efforts points are awarded.  But the player has to watch out for INKT forces as they will stop at nothing to keep the city from being colored.  If the player is inked the player will lose points and all will be lost if the points reach 0.  All this has to be done within the time limit as well before the stage can be completed.
All in all this is a great game that will keep the player trying to paint the entire stage and free all the greydians all while enjoying a funky soundtrack.

Monday, February 21, 2011


LocoRoco is a very cute game for the PlayStation Portable.  Players must take control of a singing LocoRoco and collect other LocoRocos while finding friends along the way.  The player must protect the LocoRocos from the Moja Troop that are trying to take over the planet.
Gameplay consists of tilting the screen left and right to rock the LocoRocos through the world.  There is also an ability to bounce around by alternating left and right presses while holding the opposite direction.  The player can also split up the LocoRoco blob into individual blobs.  Some puzzles in the game require the LocoRocos to be in this form in order to progress.  The blobs can then be rejoined by pressing another button when they are all together. 
The goal is to collect all the hidden LocoRoco buddies, find the Mui Mui friends, and eat as many Pickories as possible.  However that may not be as easy as it sounds as the Moja Troop are out to stop the LocoRocos.  If the player loses all the LocoRocos it’s Game Over. 
Overall LocoRoco is an awesome game that will give the player an enjoyable experience as they work their way through zany and bizarre levels.  The music will get you moving and grooving as you rock the world of the LocoRocos.  Enjoy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy was released in 2004 for the Playstation 2 and has had several sequels across multiple platforms including Beautiful Katamari for the XBOX 360 and Katamari Forever for the Playstation 3.

The storyline for Katamari Damacy is hilarious.  The King of All Cosmos had too much to drink and accidently destroyed all the stars and other heavenly bodies.  Now the Prince has to fix this as soon as possible.  Armed with a Katamari, a strange ball that makes everything equal to or smaller than itself stick to it allowing it to grow, the Prince must travel to Earth and collect things in order to recreate the stars other heavenly bodies.

The gameplay for Katamari Damacy is surprisingly simplistic as the player simply uses both analog sticks to move the Katamari around.  Pushing both sticks up will move forward.  Pulling both sticks down will move backward.   Pushing one forward and pulling the other backward will steer left and right.  There are also some special moves like quick turns and speed dashes.  The player needs to aim for stuff equal to or smaller than the size of the Katamari in order for it to stick to the Katamari.  Once an item is stuck to the Katamari it is added to the total size of the Katamari but if the Katamari runs into an obstacle at too high a speed the Katamari could lose items and overall size.  At certain size intervals the Katamari will grow permanently and new areas will become available to the player.  This all sounds great right?  There is a catch.  All this has to be done within the time limits set by the King of All Cosmos and he isn’t very generous.  He wants this mess cleaned up as soon as possible.  So Good Luck and Happy Rolling.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Raze's Hell

Raze’s Hell is a disturbingly cute game with a gruesome twist.  It was released in 2005 for the Xbox.
The story of the game goes like this... The Kewletts are a race of overwhelmingly cute creatures that want to make the whole world cute by getting rid of anything ugly by any means necessary.  Raze is an ugly demonic looking fellow that is the sole survivor of his village after it is attacked by the Kewletts.  Now he wants revenge on the Kewletts. 
The gameplay is third person shooter action but it is brutally against cuteness.  Raze has several attacks that he can use to splatter the Kewletts into chunky bits.  Raze can then inhale the giblets to regain health.
The game is full of humor as the Kewletts yell out hysterical phrases throughout the game like “Where are you going?  We’re saving you from your horrible icky ugliness!”   There are also cute little news breaks that take place between levels that give the player a good laugh at the abundance of cuteness and optimism the Kewlettes give off.
Overall Raze’s Hell will leave the player laughing as they gun down cuteness in various forms.   If you are out to get revenge on cute fluffy critters this is the game for you.