Monday, April 25, 2011

Game Narrative

Again not really video game related though it is the concept for a little video game.  Here is my project 2 game narrative.  Farmhand.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Munchables

The Munchables is a strange game for the Nintendo Wii released in 2009.  The story is that on the planet Star Ving there is are legendary orbs that have been stolen by space pirates, who look like veggies.  It is the Munchables job to get the orbs back by eating all the space pirate veggies.  
There are two playable characters Munchy, the girl, and Chomper, the boy.  They both have the same abilities so it doesn’t matter which you pick.  Your job is to navigate through the 8 worlds each consisting of 2 normal stages and then a boss stage.  In each world there are a ton of veggies to eat up and level up your character.  The player must eat the lower level veggies before tackling the higher level veggies or the risk of getting hit is much higher.  There is a chance the player can attack the higher level veggie and break it into smaller level veggies, but you have to be quick with the attacks.  If you get hit you shrink and you have to shake the Wii remote to grow back to normal size.
Overall this is a very simple game and most gamers will find it to be fun but too easy, however it is known to be great for kids. Also, it was released as a budget title so if you do find a copy it should be really inexpensive.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Scribblenauts was released in 2009 for the Nintendo DS.  A sequel was released last year.  It is an interactive puzzle solving game where the player writes down what he or she wants in the game and as long as the item is in the extensive in game dictionary it appears in the game.  The goal of the game is to collect “starites” to complete each level.  There are 220 levels to complete with 10 themed areas and each has a difficulty rating of 1-4. 
An example level: there is a cat stuck up in a tree and the goal is to get the cat down and collect the starite.  The player may write down “ladder” and a ladder would appear in the game.  The player can then manipulate the ladder using the stylus and position it by the tree and then climb the ladder to get the cat.  Alternatively, the player may write “fish” and give the fish to the in game avatar which would trigger the cat to come running out of the tree to get the fish.  A more extreme method would be to write “Axe” and give the axe to the avatar.  The avatar could then chop down the tree which would technically get the cat down accomplishing the goal.   There are several more ways to accomplish the same task the limit is your imagination.